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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I unlock my phone?

The unlocking service we offer allows you to use any network provider's SIM card in your phone. Network providers lock phones so that that you are forced to use their network at their rates. When you unlock your phone, you are free of these restrictions. There are no more restrictions placed on the phone by a network carrier.

Is phone unlocking legal?

In most countries, unlocking a mobile phone so that it will accept alternative network SIM cards is legal.
However, some countries have deemed it illegal to unlock your cell phone without permission given from the carrier of that particular phone.
Before you purchase an unlock code, each customer must check the laws of their country to make sure they can legally unlock their phone.
For example, in the United States, you are 100% legally allowed to unlock all handsets that were sold before 2013. For handsets sold after 2013, you will be required to get permission from your carrier before unlocking it to use on a different network.

Once I unlock my phone, will I have to unlock it again after updating its firmware or operating system?

No. Once unlocked, your phone stays unlocked. You will never have to input an unlock code again as your phone will be permanently unlocked even after updating the firmware or operating system.

My phone isn’t listed on your site. Can you still unlock it?

We can unlock almost all models in the world. Feel free to drop us a message with your device make, model and the network it is locked to. We will quickly reply and let you know if we have a solution for you!