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How can I unlock my HTC?

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Remember: before following these instructions, you should first order your HTC unlock code.
Once you have received your HTC unlock code, you can follow these simple instructions:

For all models:

A non-accepted SIM Card is required.

Please insert a non-accepted SIM card so that your phone will ask you for the 8-digit unlock code.
A non-accepted SIM card is a SIM card that is from a carrier that your phone is NOT locked to. For example, if your phone is CURRENLTY locked to AT&T, insert a SIM card from T-Mobile, Sprint etc to get the unlock code prompt. Enter the 8 digit code only ONCE.

If you have an error or other issue please contact us.

Please note: If you plan on using your HTC phone with another carrier/network, please make sure your phone is compatible with the carrier/network you wish to transfer to. Please call the carrier or visit their website to find this information.